Meeting the needs of the cosumer for quality product guiding cosumer choice through the use of strong techonlogy assuring cosumer confidence by providing world class service.



For years Gator Factory has been using with the big success ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) management system for production and sales development of Manual Lathe Chucks, Adapters & Parts focusing everyday on: customer needs and satisfaction, factory leadership, direct workers’ engagement in a factory constant development and improvement, manufacturing and quality control process approach, management system development and improvement, and mutually beneficial relationships with factory raw material suppliers and all Gator distributors. The factory also provides constant trainings for its workers and distributor teams. Raw material & pre machined part highly organised inventory let the factory keep all time uninterupted production. In result of it; Gator factory is capable to service hundreds of its customers with the thousands of products being deliverd to the customers on time and meeting all customer requirements.