Meeting the needs of the cosumer for quality product guiding cosumer choice through the use of strong techonlogy assuring cosumer confidence by providing world class service.



Gator lathe chuck factory has been servicing machine tool customers for over 45 years. During this long period of production experience, Gator Factory has managed to significantly increase product quality, introducing to the workholding markets a large number of new designs of high quality lathe chucks and adapter plates.

In order to provide all customers with a high quality products at competitive prices Gator factory is continuously monitoring all QC and production processes, and product quality is under constant improvement. To be able to achieve it, Gator factory had to implement modern measurement system which applies not only the measurement before and after the machining process, moreover during the machining by integrated measurement system. Investment in the machine tools with integrated measurement systems let the factory to increase efficiency by monitoring and precisely controlling the manufacturing process. Gator factory also pays a lot of attention to the selection of the high quality raw materials and cutting and measuring tools. Each chuck is being shipped with the QC certificate. In result of it, Gator offeres unbeattable value where quality products , quality service and competetive pricing make a difference for workholding customers.

All Gator products meet and exceed ANSI, DIN & ISO Standard requirements.