Meeting the needs of the cosumer for quality product guiding cosumer choice through the use of strong techonlogy assuring cosumer confidence by providing world class service.



Gator factory offers to its customers most comprehensive manual lathe chuck and adapter plate selection. For over 45 years of chuck production Gator was always open for the customer suggestions or new product requests, adding every year big number of tools with new executions. This long-time experience let the factory to grow their manual lathe chuck and adapter plate offering to largest in the world.

This factory steady development growth would not be possible without very strong R & D (research and development) team. The main goal of the Gator R & D team is to meet all workholding customer’s expectations, supplying them with the wide range of high quality universal and specialized products. Most updated designing computer softwares help them to create new product designs in a very short time.

Very competitive international markets and growing customer demands require constant changes and product improvements. This is why innovation, constitutes very important part in Gator factory every day activity. Factory innovation starts at the management level and goes thru all factory cells. All factory highly motivated employees are engaged in an innovation process, which means problem solving process. The best innovation projects are rewarded by the factory every year. In result of it factory supplies every year Gator high quality products to thousands of satisfied customers and end users located all over the world.