Meeting the needs of the cosumer for quality product guiding cosumer choice through the use of strong techonlogy assuring cosumer confidence by providing world class service.

Service & Technical Support


Gator factory has been provided for years high quality customer service. All factory authorized distribution centers located all over the world (including most demanding markets like USA and Europe) offer full technical and application support. And factory team is also always readey to aswer any questions concerning Gator products or directly assist in customer clamping application solutions. To secure fast delivery to the final Gator chuck user all most popular Gator products are stocked in major factory authorized distribution centers. ERP production and sales managment system let the factory to reduce also the production time and cost to a very competetive level. Gator technical and sales teams are open for close cooperation with customers or end users to solve every workholding application. Comprehensive chuck diameter ( 3” thru 50”) and mounting (A, D1, L, Threaded, Plain Back & Special) offering gives the customer large application flexibility. Special chucks for special applications are pretty common in a factory every day production life. Expierenced team of factory designers using most updated designing computer softwares is capable to create special application chuck designs in a very short time. .